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Verify your skilled and unskilled staff with great emphasis on identity verification, authentification of qualification and reference check

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Sign up and be listed for job opportunities from reputable organisations and over 150+ employers. Increase your probability of success by upgrading to our premium plan which will enable you get screened for jobs that fits your profile.

Over 1,000 Verified Candidates

Screenedworkers has achieved unprecedented nationwide popularity. We list over 200 screened employees every month, over 2,000 unique candidates per month and we have more than 20,000 registered users.

Qualified & Ready to Deploy

Qualified and ready to deploy candidates for you or your organisation, whether skilled to unskilled workers. We have a pool of verified and qualified candidates.

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Screened workers is an online platform for connecting Employers with effective tools to Verify existing employees and Hire Screened Job seekers.

Our Platform cuts across all Industries, with major partnerships to provide verification for existing and pre-existing employees, skilled and unskilled, while providing over 1000 job seekers who have undergone screening. You are guaranteed a competent and de-risked employee.



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